In the middle of July we asked @ricknunn to make an incredibly long journey to the 4th floor of a car park in a rather popular shopping centre based in deepest darkest Essex, where we teamed up with Hayburner magazine to shoot our slightly delayed Summer '14 lookbook. This footage was kindly filmed & edited by the rather talented @wiiljcarman & features the absolutely amazing duo of @nancyysuicide & @missireynolds.

Growl & Grandeur is a streetwear brand designed especially for like-minded folk who would rather be doing bunny hops down the park or belting along the tarmac on a four-wheel piece of plywood than working silly hours behind a beige melamine desk trying to impress some fool in a suit & gain that measly promotion in the hope you’ll earn a big enough crust to get you in that cushy retirement home when the time comes.

Our little team (& I mean little! There are two of us & the pooch) puts in every effort to create some top-notch designs to shield you, the discerning punter, from becoming like that dull mustachioed bloke who lives a few doors down. You know the one, dons his cheap shiny suit every morning & rushes to the station to get the 8.15 to his rather ‘exciting’ job in insurance. At Growl & Grandeur we know that’s your biggest fear, other than big fat hairy spiders! So let us armour you against the mundane & send you out into the modern world, tooled up & ready to take on the daily grind.